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Effective Online Learning Practices

I just attended my first iNacol Virtual Schools Symposium where I heard from a number of politicians, authors, administrators, educators, students, and vendors about online learning.


New Globally Focused Vlog Launched: Mastering Virtual Assessments

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ISTE20 Moves to Fully Virtual Experience

Rooted in “learning first, technology second,” the ISTE Conference has become the premiere event for sharing innovative practices


Tech & Learning Names the Winners of the Awards of Excellence Contest

Tech & Learning announces the winners of its 39th annual Awards of Excellence Contest.



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Awards Of Excellence Winners for 2023 Announced By Tech & Learning Magazine

Outstanding Education Technology Products Saluted

U.S. Capitol

President Pressures Schools to Re-Open

Education leaders pushed to bring back all students when school year begins


Reinventing Summer Camp During COVID-19

How summer camps are replacing their traditional programs with virtual, hands-on experiences and physical activities.

Finding & Funding the Best Tools for Any Learning Environment

Insight and advice for preparing for back to school

ISTE20 new logo


ISTE is planning an option for virtual participation alongside its traditional ISTE20 event.

Online Courses written on tablet computer

Edgenuity Announces Courses Designed to Address "COVID-19 Slide"

A recent NWEA study indicates that students may return to school in fall 2023 substantially behind in reading and math.

Media app icons flying around globe on tablet computer

Report: Over 2.5 Million California Students and Teachers Lack Adequate Internet Connection or Devices

A new analysis finds that California ranks second in the nation for highest population of students and teachers lacking adequate internet connection and devices at home.

Student desks atop laptop computer with green screen like blackboard.

How Districts Responded to COVID-19: Remote Learning and Other Benchmarks

New research from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) provides insight into the kinds of remote instruction districts were able to offer


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Free Online Learning Resources For Schools Affected by Coronavirus/COVID-19

Tech & Learning editors curate hundreds of free elearning resources for schools worldwide, especially those affected by coronavirus/COVID-19 closures.



Collecting and analyzing data will be key to preparing for the school year ahead.

Google Slides


Get the best out of Google Slides in education so you can integrate with Classroom and more.

digital storytelling

Digital Storytelling in Enterprise Reporting and Actionable Equity

Digital storytelling will define the next decade of data

best Google Docs add-ons

Best Google Docs Add-ons for Teachers

Get the best out of Google Docs for your class to help making learning more effective.


Esports: How to Get Started with Cloud-Based Gaming, Such as Stadia, in Schools

Cloud based gaming as an education tool just got easier than ever to access for schools.

School of yellow fish being led by red fish

5 Ways a School Board Can Engage the Community During a Crisis

Taking time to communicate with and listen to the community is critical—especially during a crisis


15 Sites/Apps for Social-Emotional Learning

Social-emotional learning resources for teachers, families, and students


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Advice for educators on how to create a blended environment

digital citizenship

How to Teach Digital Citizenship

Teaching digital citizenship is the job of all educators--here’s how to prepare them

learning models


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100-dollar bills fall from red white and blue tophat

Cares Act Funding: A Stimulus Primer for Districts

What districts need to know about accessing CARES Act funding.

Female teacher helps student with laptop computer assignment as others students work on their laptops.

Supporting Teachers: A Three-Pronged Approach

Izquierdo outlined the district’s three-pronged approach to supporting teachers when the crisis hit.


Cameras in the Classroom: What to Do Instead

School districts have options other than installing cameras in the classroom and risking an invasion of student privacy


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Supporting Teachers: A Three-Pronged Approach

Izquierdo outlined the district’s three-pronged approach to supporting teachers when the crisis hit.


Investing in Student Safety The Costs, the Benefits, and the ROI

future-proofing school

Future-Proofing Your District Plan Conference: How to Prepare for Next School Year

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awards of excellence

Tech & Learning Awards Programs

Tech & Learning's awards programs recognize education technology that makes an impact.

digital portfolio

Top 10 Sites for Creating a Digital Portfolio

A digital portfolio helps students to showcase their completed academic projects


Keeping Students Safe While Learning Online

For this cybersecurity special issue, Tech & Learning’s experts delve into all facets of cybersecurity

Cars in traffic jam

Power Wheels License Generator

On April 25, 1901, New York became the first state to require license plates.

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